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Thank you for checking out my website. I have practiced law in Montgomery County since 1981. My normal billing rate is $200/hour.  Our initial phone or in person conference is at no charge, if you decide not to hire me to represent you.  My usual practice is to gather sufficient information to specifically understand the issue and what you want me to do, and then I will quote a minimum retainer or a set fee.  If you decide not to hire me, I will usually not charge for our conference, unless I believe my advice has solved your issue and the conference was lengthy. If I don’t think I am the right lawyer for the job, I can usually recommend someone who might be more suited for your situation (for example- I do not do tax work) or location.  If you choose to hire me at an hourly rate, I will provide you itemized billings indicating date of service, what was done and time broken down to a tenth of an hour.

I do my best to be practical in accomplishing my client’s goals, aware that many times an efficient and effective settlement best serves my client.  But, I am an experienced trial lawyer who will not hesitate to take a case before a judge or jury if that is my client’s desire.  I always work for a successful outcome-------I hate to lose.
My primary areas of practice are:  civil (business and personal injury) litigation, criminal defense, family law and divorce (including custody disputes), and bankruptcy.

Current references can be provided, but client confidentiality forbids me from listing their names on my website.

Finally, to be clear, nothing in this website constitutes specific legal advice.  I have attempted to provide some basic legal information in the areas I practice, as well as how I operate my business.  Specific information about your situation is necessary before I will advise anyone.


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Wills, Estates, & Trusts --- Divorce & Custody
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Bill Green- I graduated from Crawfordsville High School (1973), Purdue University (Economics-1976) and Indiana University School of Law (1979). I have been a member of the Indiana Bar Association, the Indiana Trial lawyer’s Association, the Montgomery County Bar Association, and the American Trial Lawyer’s Association.

I began my legal career working in Indianapolis for Lowe, Gray, Steele and Hoffman. I quickly realized, I enjoyed representing people more than insurance companies and other large corporations and decided to open a practice back in Crawfordsville.

I thrive on the pressure to perform in front of a jury or judge in a court room. I believe in balance and responsibility and focus my efforts on objectivity and what is true, fair and practical. If I can satisfactorily settle a case before trial I will. I pride myself on efficiency and effectiveness, and I will not always be the cheapest but believes my value is worth it.

While I have practiced law in Montgomery County for over 28 years, I have maintained a network of attorneys in the surrounding counties and the Indianapolis area. If needed, I will not hesitate to involve whomever is needed for my client to have a positive outcome.

I have successfully tried cases involving wrongful death, attempted murder, medical malpractice, personal injury, divorce, child custody, real estate disputes, business issues, and about every type of criminal case.

I am married to Kim and have five children; Sam, Sarah, Katie, Ben and Joe.

Barbee Pettit- Barbee is my paralegal/secretary/office manager. She has worked for me for over 20 years. If I am not available, Barbee is very capable of assisting you or makes sure your message promptly gets to me. You will find Barbee to be very competent, straight forward, and professional. Barbee obtained her Paralegal degree from Vincennes University in 1986, after spending 3 years in the Army. She graduated from South Montgomery High School in 1981.

Barbee is married to Larry and has two daughters; Miranda and Morgan.

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